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27 05 2009
Dr. Mitchell R. White, aka The Chile Doctor


A pleasure to meet you yesterday at the Pflugerville Farmers Market! I’m enjoying your Cilantro Chutney with breakfast today…

I have posted an item to my website that may be of interest to you: If I’ve made any statements that miss the point or need factual correction, please let me know. I’ll be back soon!

The Chile Doctor

8 06 2009

Dr. White,

Yes, it was nice meeting you at the market, and I really do hope you like the chutney. I just want to thank you for your very kind remarks here and on your own blog. What you wrote was right on the mark, if I do say so myself. I hope my products can continue to live up to your high praise.

Thanks again.


12 12 2010

I purchased a bottle of Kala’s Mango Chutney at the Farmer’s Market in Cedar Park next to the Lakeline Mall. It was the best chutney I have ever tasted! I also enjoyed the Mirchi-Masala Hot and Spicy Green Salsa. Both were natural tasting and incredibly rich in flavor. I will definately buy more of her products in the future.

6 01 2011

I got your mango chutney at the HOPE farmer’s market a couple of weeks ago and it is excellent!!! Highly recommended.

12 08 2011

Kala’s Pickle was exactly what I was craving for…..and mango chutney was bonus!! Thanks!!

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