Happy Scovie 2010

1 01 2010

Scovie 2010

Greetings,  Happy New Year! We are please to announce that after winning several awards in Austin and Houston hot sauce festivals, we have also won prestigious Scovie awards. The Scovie Awards are the equivalent of the Oscar awards for makers of all things hot and spicy. We submitted our Salsa products for two categories and both of the products won awards:

Curry-Chipotle Salsa – 1st place in Chipotle category

Mirchi-Masala Salsa – 3rd place in Tomatillo category

source: http://www.fiery-foods.com/forms/scovie_list.php



2 responses

24 04 2010


Last Saturday was the first time I went to Cedar Park f. m. I went specifically to seek out your booth after reading about it in the local paper’s article on the farmer’s market. What a worthwhile trip! Today I took my husband and we tried even more of your products. Everything we’ve thoroughly enjoyed and are telling all our friends that like curries and spicy food! Wish you could get your products in Whole Foods! Good luck and we’ll continue to see you Saturday mornings!

Carol and Glenn

5 06 2010
Hot Sauce

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